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Store Policy

Customer Care

We are committed to producing small runs of clothing that are made to last for many years to come.  Using quality fabrics that are natural fibres such as cotton, linen, flax and merino wool and taking care in the production of each garment to maximize it's life span.

Every garment is designed and made in our studio. Each collection is made into small runs and often only one of each size is made into a particular style or fabric. 

Garments are designed then the patternmaking begins. Block patterns are traced, styles are developed and then drafted. Toiles are made and altered on the mannequin, transferring these changes onto the original pattern. Patterns are redrafted, toiles are made over again until we are completely satisfied with the 'fit'. Only then are we ready to grade the pattern to the 6 sizes we use. Traced onto cardboard we can now chalk and cut out the fabric for each garment. Finally the sewing begins and the garment is created, pressed, labelled and now it's ready to be worn.

Each collection is designed to ensure that fabrics are used with very little waste, each garment is cut individually to maximize this. Any off cuts and excess fabric are kept and given to the wonderful Riverflow Recycling in Warrandyte who then pass it on to Dream Stitches, Sisterworks and Asylum Seeker Women's sewing ​groups.

Wholesale Inquiries

Sorry, but we don't wholesale. The way we run our label is not conducive to being in a position where we can offer wholesaling.

Payment Methods

You can pay directly with a Credit / Debit Cards (Stripe) at check out
 or payment can be made by being redirected to PAYPAL.

If you would prefer Direct Debit please contact us directly stating which garment you would like to purchase, we can then pass on our Bank Details.

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